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Newborns: Lovevery Play Gym Review

Before my baby was born, all of the information everyone kept giving me was so overwhelming! During the third trimester, I honestly shut down, and if it wasn't essential for the baby's development or my sanity, I thought it would be better to "get to know them" first. Unsure why I had this idea, but I RAN with it! Luckily, Lovevery reached out to partner with with me soon after my baby was born - It was the perfect push gift. We were gifted the Lovevery Play Gym, and when I tell you we used it every day.

Going in, I knew that Black and White cards were great for development, but the Lovevery Parent guides were the most valuable part by far! They teach you, the parent, how to play with your child to encourage them to naturally meet their milestones. As she grew, it was also beautiful to watch her learn to use the entire play gym. The little tent on top is really cute, but we ended up taking it off after a while because our cat was really into the baby's fingers behind the tent (IYKYK). It's a little pricey at $140, but I truly believe that it's worth the investment - if anything, add it to your registry, and cross your fingers.

We're so grateful for the Play Gym and this organization. If you use this link, you'll receive 10% off, and I will receive a small commission.

Happy Planning!

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